Meet Nicole

I can not remember a time that I did not love creating and styling rooms. I believe a well designed room represents you and your family, it's functional, stylish and creates a sense of home. A home and the rooms in it should be your refuge, a reflection of you and your family. What brings me the most joy is guiding my clients to reaching their goals and image of a well designed space.

My Current Target Opalhouse Obsessions

I need to be honest…I have a real problem with Target.  I have the best of intentions not to go crazy.  I tell myself stay away from the home and clothing aisles.  However, as soon as I step foot in the store all self-control leaves my body, and what started off as grocery trip ends up being a “lets redecorate this room for the 57th time.”  The first step to ending a problem is admitting you have one right?  I’m not there yet (don’t even want to be there) so here are a few of my favorite furniture and décor items from Target right now. They really have stepped up their game with décor especially when it comes to the Opalhouse Collection.  Seriously some of this stuff looks like Anthropology’s art at a fraction of the price.  

I get bored.  I’m always changing a pillow cover, making my bed in different ways, adding a seasonal color and moving furniture around. While I believe in investing in your furniture and window treatments that’s not always possible. So when it comes to décor this is where you can make an impact without having to have eat off the 99 cent menu for the next month.